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Trained to Go is an athletic training program developed by Rage and Release Founder Thai Richards. The program is designed to reinforce a healthy mindset towards the sport of running while providing a solid athletic base to conquer any challenge. Members will train collectively in a team atmosphere along with additional workout plans to help achieve their individual fitness goals. 

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Membership includes access to the following:

  • Weekly Group Training Sessions: Strength & Conditioning, Speed Work,  and Long Runs

  • A personal plan for individual workouts

  • Discounted rates for recovery tools, supplements, and perks from our brand partners*

  • Branded Rage Running Kit*

Let's GO

Secure your spot

The Full Package

6 Month Membership with
Training and Perks*
$208 Monthly

$1250 deposit

Basic Training

6 Month Membership
Training Only
$108 Monthly

$650 deposit

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